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Company Mission:
For customers: we provide with high-quality network platform, increase the export volume   and change China foreign trade situation.
  For employees: we provide with the stage to develop yourself, upgrade yourself and   promote your life quality.

Core Concept: Serving customer priors to everything

Company Goal: Striving for being a member of global Top 500 network companies

Working Concept: Sincere;  Hearty;  Honest

Service Philosophy: Be loyal to customers;  Making customers satified;  Making customers'investment valuable

Technical Concept: Preciseness   Innovation   Pragmaticism

Business Concept: Talking with customers heart to heart; Making friends with customers; Making business with customers

Company Value: High-quality products+ Noble-minded employees

Teamwork Concept: We need Team-work spirit not individualism

Management Concept: Leading with kindness; Managing without pity; Operating with precise system

Employee Criteria: Talented person with efficient executive ability

Investigation Center: Being just and fair

Internal Driving Force: 3S operating procedure: Simplification; Specialization; Standardization


 Nine Cares for Entrepreneurs:


As Confucius said, " A superior man has nine cares. In seeing he is careful to see clearly; in hearing he is careful to hear distinctly; in his countenance he is careful to be benign; in his manner to be respectful; in his words to be sincere; in his work to be diligent. When in doubt he is careful to ask others; when he is angry he has a care for thr consequences, and when he sees gain to be got, he thinks of righteousness."

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