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HiSupplier Held a Customer Training Named ¡°Teach You to Fish¡± 2012-09-28
Cifnews Weekly Publish an Article introducing about HiSupplier Precision Marketing 2012-09-14
Leaders of Yinzhou Economic& Information Bureau Visited HiSupplier with Medias 2012-09-13
CEO Zeli Chen: Brand is the Extension of Corporate Value in Commercial Society 2012-09-06
HiSupplier Won 2012 ¡°the Best Business Mode Brand¡± 2012-09-06
HiSupplier Returned from ¡°Chinese Fishing Village¡± in Xiangshan 2012-08-30
HiSupplier Hold a Training Meeting ¡°Improving the Quality of Precision Marketing¡± 2012-08-20
HiSupplier Attended 2012 Singapore • China (Ningbo) Import&Export Fair 2012-08-02
HiSupplier held the Second Quarterly Meeting of 2012 2012-07-06
HiSupplier Held the 2012 Customer Face-to-Face Meeting 2012-06-26
HiSupplier Dressing up to attend China International Consumer Goods Fair 2012-06-13
HiSupplier Sales Department Monthly Meeting Held in Meeting Room Hawaii 2012-06-07
HiSupplier Singlet Awarding Ceremony 2012-06-07
HiSupplier National Agents Conference was held in Shanghai 2012-05-29
HiSupplier Holding First Quarter of 2012 Customer Meeting 2012-04-10
HiSupplier Sales Monthly Meeting held on Meeting Room Hawaii 2012-04-10
HiSupplier Seek out Able Men on New Year¡¯s Recruitment Fair 2012-02-06
Hu Qiong was awarded ¡°Outstanding Union Member¡± by Yin zhou General Labor Union 2012-02-06
CEO Zeli Chen Offers Red Packets to Welcome the Staff 2012-02-02
HiSupplier¡¯s Night of All Stars& New Year¡¯s Celebration was held in Yin Yuan Hotel 2012-01-17

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