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HiSupplier Starting Precise Marketing Small Languages Promotion
Updated:2013-10-16 | Clicks:2188

Google Trends analysis buyers¡¯ search habits that 60% of customers purchasing in English, 40% of buyers are accustomed to using languages search products. In response to this trend, HiSupplier starting precise marketing small languages promotion, in order to help export enterprises achieve localized marketing strategies.

The small languages HiSupplier mainly promoting includes Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Dutch and so on. Small languages promotion possesses competitive advantage and preemptive opportunity as a new support point for exporting.

The advantages of HiSupplier Precise Small Language Promotion are as follow,
1. [Effectively meet the localization services demands for local market buyers] containing more than 10 languages, covering most of the foreign markets, enjoying good marketing channels with wide-enough coverage.

2. [Professional and authentic let you standing out] HiSupplier cooperate with professional translation company abroad to launch multi-language version through instant online translation service, translation results are accurate and authentic.

3. [let buyers find you]Hisupplier¡¯s precision marketing concept fit for small language promotion model. Mass segmentation words deep into the local major search engines in small languages, meeting the different language habits and search approaches from countries and regions, thus buyers can find you in first time using the native language.

4. [let buyers trust you]HiSupplier precise small languages promotion fit for foreign buyers of thinking mode, while the story of the product description and company culture can show full strength and authenticity of the company, enhance brand image, strengthen your credibility in the eyes of buyers.

HiSupplier small languages promotion is a kind of targeted, localized precision marketing, aimed to help customers develop broader market channels. Promotion of small languages have provided more precise information on display and promotion of culture in keyword optimization, localization, or the description of the product.


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