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CIAACE 2011 Surpasses Historic Records to Create Industry Miracles
Updated:2010-10-12 | Clicks:2970
It is reported that the recruitment work of the 12th China International Expo for Auto Electronics,   Accessories, Tuning and Care Products (CIAACE 2011), presented by YASN International, has been in full swing since the middle of June and the CIAACE 2011 will take place on February 25-27, 2011 at the New China International Exhibition Center. The announcement has caused great concern throughout the industry and news of the pavilion site relocation has swept across the whole of the industry very quickly. What does this pavilion site relocation mean for the industry? As a branded expo enterprise in the auto accessories industry, what will YASN bring to us?   
Along with the upgrades and breakthroughs of the CIAACE 2011 presented by YASN International, the industry has given much thought to the relocation of the pavilion and believes that it will undoubtedly boost the auto accessories industry. Moreover, its influence will be more far-reaching and will create another boom for the industry. Thanks to this change by YASN International, the auto accessories industry will surely attract the attention not only of the whole industry, but the entire world.
Breakthrough and Internationalization
The high-profile presence of the CIAACE 2011at the New China International Exhibition Center is one of the greatest highlights of this event, and at the same time is the most highly-regarded event by all enterprises in the industry. Since the establishment of the expo, this is the first relocation of the pavilion site. The announcement of this significant decision has attracted the attention of related and unrelated industries and there is no doubt that the auto accessories industries will realize greater profits. At present, the New China International Exhibition Center is a pavilion of international standard and influence in China. The hardware of the pavilion is first-rate and the support services are exceptional. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to hold the international expo. This year the expo will have eight halls, comprising 120,000 sq meters, eight professional branch pavilions, and 5,560 standard international booths. The scale, the exhibitors and visitors of the expo will break historic records and create a new record in the auto accessories industry expo by becoming the largest industry expo. At the same time, the relocation of the pavilion will further speed up the internationalization of the auto accessories industry in China. The international first-class pavilion, scale of the brand exhibition, consequential industry influence, professional organization and operation will surely attract the attention of professionals from home and abroad. In turn, this will build a bridge for enterprises in the auto industry to venture out and the status of auto consumption center and auto aftermarket manufacturing centers of China will become much more well-known.
Upgrade and Breakthrough
At the end of 2010, Beijing’s subway line 15 will be fully operational and will radically improve the convenience of public transport as people from all areas of the city can take it directly to the expo center. Many international expos have been held at the New China International Exhibition Center with great success; the facilities include catering services, hotels, shopping centers and other kinds of entertainment are all very close by. The 12th Beijing International Automotive Expo of 2010 provided the New China International Exhibition Center with a new kind of test that required basic upgrades. There were nearly 700,000 visitors and the venue was organized in a way that alleviated previous areas of congestion. As a result, the five-day expo received much praise on the first day of the event. We commend the unique insight and the careful organization displayed by YASN International.
Currently, there are a number of expos in the auto accessories industry and more than ten expos of different scales are held throughout the country every year. Despite this fact, there are few expos that can fully represent the level of development of the Chinese auto accessories industry. There is no doubt that the CIAACE 2011 will be the leading expo to propel the industry to new heights. Through continual innovation and upgrading, YASN International is creating miracles one after another. We look forward to seeing what the CIAACE 2011 will have in store.
The First Professionally-Organized Industry Expo
YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is focusing on the Chinese auto aftermarket expo; this includes coordination of the design and organization and implementation of the international and domestic auto aftermarket businesses. In the past, the company has successfully held auto aftermarket professional expos of the highest level and largest scale: having the most exhibiting countries and single exhibitors. YASN has formed an expo style that includes internationalization, professionalism and successful branding. In recent years, YASN International has come to be highly regarded among the enterprises working within the Chinese auto accessories industry and expo field.
The YASN Auto Accessories Expo was held by YASN International in 2005. Despite the development of ten other expos of this kind, it has remained the central focus of the auto accessories industry. An emerging industry that has previously received little attention is being supported by the professional expo company in every respect. YASN’s unique market insight and business acumen has brought success to both client and company. In this way, YASN International not only has created many miracles for the domestic auto accessories industry but also developed more opportunities for itself. Since the establishment of YASN International, the company has enjoyed a continual, high-rate of growth every year. The first expo had just more than 16,000 m2 of floor space while the tenth, held in March 2010, had 86,000 m2, 2,089 exhibitors, 120,000 professional buyers from all over the world, and a generated revenue that reached 12.5 billion yuan. These numbers unquestionably inspired amazement from all working within the auto accessories industry. The scale of the expo is set to continue a steady and high rate of growth that is in keeping with the development potential of the industry. The highly-efficient marketization and professionalism of the operation is vital; especially the latter as YASN seeks to influence and guide market tides. Xie Yu, the primary holder of YASN International Exhibition Co., Ltd., entered the expo industry more than ten years ago and thus possesses sharp market insights and a unique understanding of the auto accessories industry that is crucial in understanding the importance that this professionalism has on the execution of an expo. Thanks to such a valued leader, we cannot but expect the best for the CIAACE 2011 at the New China International Exhibition Center.

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