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On Being A Leading Pioneer
Updated:2010-10-12 | Clicks:3098
The China International Expo for Auto Electronics, Accessories, Tuning & Care Products (CIAACE 2010), the leading automotive aftermarket expo, received much attention from netizens across the world. The CIAACE 2011 will take place at the New China International Exhibition Center. The expo area will be divided into pavilions housing different products. More significantly, the number of booths will most likely break the historic record of 5,000 and it is estimated that the number of visitors will also increase to 150,000, including 120,000 professionals.
The general manager of the leading organizer, YASN International, was very happy with the apparent increasing scale and momentum of the automotive aftermarket expo and was determined to take the CIAACE to an expanded international level in 2011. However, he acknowledges that there are problems in developing the automotive aftermarket.
The following concerns adversities from the past that were successfully handled by YASN International when it was establishing the expo. Today, the company looks forward to many bright years ahead.
First Division of the 2011 Expo Hall
Journalist (J): Good morning, my dear friends. We would like to welcome to the 2011 expo and invite you to learn more about the automotive aftermarket. Today our guest is the general manager of YASN International, the leading expo organizer
J: First, please introduce the business scope of YASN International.
Yu Xie (Y): YASN International is focused on the automotive aftermarket expo. Our business also relates to the entity market and virtual network marketing. We have our own products online and a B-to-B net platform in Guangzhou. We also plan to extend into the other industries. That said, the automotive aftermarket will continue to be the main scope of our business but it will be connected to the product line and other expo companies.
J: The CIAACE 2010 received much attention from netizens. The preparation work of the CIAACE 2011 has already been begun. Please say something about this.
Y: Let me first say something about CIAACE 2010 before I introduce the CIAACE 2011. The 2010 expo went well beyond the scope of our own original plans as some reports also mentioned the expansion of halls. For the first time in its fifty-year history, it was a challenge for the National Agriculture Exhibition Center to give us the area we required.
The result of CIAACE 2010 gave us a clear direction: Promote high-speed development and it will bring success to the whole industry. YASN International is the first professional exhibition company to hold an expo within the industry; this will help allow the automotive aftermarket to follow its own path.
After three years’ development, the expo entered the so-called fast lane in 2008. Considering the current situation, the CIAACE 2011 will exceed our expectations again. There were eight pavilions with 3,200 booths at the CIAACE. There will still be eight pavilions, but they will be different from those of the CIAACE 2010. It is estimated that there will be 5,600 booths, more than 3,000 exhibitors and visitor numbers will reach 150,000, including 120,000 professionals. A conservative estimation put the numbers of the CIAACE 2010 at 120,000 visitors and more than 95,000 professionals.
At present, the preparations for 2011 are still being made. The number of booths has yet to be confirmed.

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