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The 3nd china International Disaster Reduction and Emergency Technology & Equipment Expo, 2012 INVIT
Updated:2011-11-11 | Clicks:4823
Date: May 7th -9th, 2012 Venue£ºChina World Trade Center Approved by: Office of the State Committee for Disaster Reduction National Disaster Reduction Center of Ministry of Civil Affairs China Association for Disaster Prevention Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, PRC Overseas Approving£º Japan-China Economic Relations and Trade Center The Association for the Promotion of International Trade, Japan Korea Disaster Prevention Association Korea Associations of Natural Disaster Reduction Industries Supported by £º Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China State Forestry Administration, P.R. China China Earthquake Administration, P.R.China State Oceanic Administration, P.R.China China Meteorological Administration, P.R.China Fire Administration of Ministry of Public Security, P.R.China State Administration of Work Safety, P.R.China Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Co-organizers: Red Cross Society of China Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society International Emergency Management Society China Fire Protection Association Beijing Association for Disaster Reduction Emergency Management Office of Beijing Shenzhen Sub of Promotion Center for Emergency Assistance of Ministry of Civil Affairs Organized by : Beijing Singls International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The disaster is humanity¡¯s common archenemy, which is threatening human¡¯s life, production and living, confining the sustainable development of society. In the May of 2011, the 2nd Beijing Int¡¯l Disaster Reduction and Emergency Service was successfully held in China World Trade Center, this is one of central main activities during National Disaster Reduction Day, which attracted wide attention from all ranks besides medias. CCTV, BTV, Beijing Broadcasting, People Daily, Xinhua Express, Guangming Daily, Economy Daily, China Daily, China News Express, Beijing Youth, International Commerce, China Economy Guide, Beijing News, China Social News and other medias had been here for interview and report. This show was the biggest one of this field around the world, which covered 12,000 sqrs, and nearly 200 exhibitors participated in the fair from US, Germany, France, UK, Danmark, Austria, Israel, Japan, Singapore, HK-Mocau-Taiwan religon and China Mainland. More than ten thousand visitors come to the show, they are from national authorities for disaster prevention and reduction, local authorities of civil affairs, research & institute, natural disaster organizations of disaster prevention and relief, search & rescue, aid, quarantine and research institute, material reserve systems, purchase dept, overseas embassy, and China Rep of UN. The 3rd IDRES China 2012 is a comprehensive exposition with the theme of disaster protection, reduction and emergency, hi-tech characteristic, whose purpose is to provide an open platform for disaster reduction and emergency industry. Recently, China allots ten billions yuan to buy disaster reduction equipment and products every year, which means government¡¯s great attention to Chinese disaster reduction affair, we hope more and more dealers come here to improve the national disaster reduction and emergency affairs. We sincerely invite internal and external science and research units, maufactures, dealers, agencies , users and relevant industries to come here. We wish the Expo to offer more wider stage to exhibitors, and help them to learn the newest technique development, meet new & old customers and creat more businese opportunities. Exhibitions Scope: 1. Disaster forecast, detection tech and equipment as follows: Disaster warning, prevention, measurement, test and quality check equipment and application tech including earthquake, meteorology, ocean, flood, draught and fire disaster. 2. Disaster relief tech and equipment as follows: Cintigency communications equipment including satellite communication stations, shortwave radio, mobile emergency communications vehicle, emergency communication net system, video conference system, mobile video tech, satellite navigation system and so on. 3. Emergency ensurement equipment including scheduling platform for emergency conduction, conduction system for rescue contigency, storage cart, command car, camping car and special vehicle, smoke equipment, water process system, all sorts of environmet protection tech in use, etc. 4.First aid and quarantine for emergency as follows: Sampling supplies on site, medical devices, disaster rescue drugs, ambulances, health quarantine cars and other special cars, hospital¡¯s emergency rescue service, on-site mobile first-aid medical tech, etc. 5. Emergency engineering rescue including lifting, support equipment, broken withdrawal tools, power dstribution car, car repair and other special cars, large excavators, re-construction equipment, etc. Emergency rescue equipment including lighting equipment, thermal imagination system instrument, air respirator, search & rescue equipment, lifesaving material, rescue monitor system of voice and video, life dector, and rescue vehicle, etc. 6. Consulting agencies of finance, bank, insurance, real estate and investment. 7. Material of relief reserves and public disaster reduction and emergency products including tent, cotton, quilt, food, drink, first aid products, communication, lighting, heating, and self-help escape tool, etc. 8. Safety protection tech and equipment including personal prevention tool, security prevention of financial system, fire rescue instrument, anti-terrorism equipment, police equipment, detection equipment for safety production, safety prevention tech facility, environment protection facility, traffic safety facility, machine safety system, monitor system, fire alarm system and special safety vehicle, etc. 9. Achievement display inlcuding advanced technology of disaster prevention and relief, programme, design and urban emergency system, etc. Participation Expense: Raw space 300 US dollars/squares (18 squares at least) Standard booth: 3,000 US dollars /9 squares Hall 2, Standard Booth 2200 USD/9m2 Raw Space: 180 USD/m2 (18 m2 at least) The standard booth including 3-side exhibition board, table & chair, two spotlights, 220V/5A power outlet, carpet and fascial with company¡¯s name Advertisement expense in exhibiton catalogue ( all the exhibitors¡¯ brief introduction is published without charge) Cover 1,800 USD Back cover 1,300 USD Insid Front cover 1,000 USD Title page 800 USD Inside back cover 900 USD Colored inside page 500 USD Black and white Inside page 300 USD Others: Ticket 1,300 USD/20,000 sheets Invitation 1,000 USD /5,000 sheets Note: Please pay 20% expense more if you reserve a 2-side open booth . Propaganda Promotion: 1. Organizatation committee will hold press release of the Expo in Beijing in Dec, 2011, and invite supporting units and relevant medias here. And we will send all the exhibitors info to Emergency Respons equipment website, 2. Propaganda combination throughout CCTV, Phoenix TV, Sina net, Sohu net, Xinhua net and other mainstream medias, Huicong net, National Disaster Reduction net, China Production Safety net, China Rescue net, Emergency equipment net, China First Aid net and other professional medias, additional Specia Catalogue of Disaster Prevention and Reduction during the period of NPC and CPPCC, Disaster Prevention Brief and China Disaster Reduction of top professional catalogue, etc. 3. Propaganda cobination throughout approvers, supporters, co-organizer, domestic & overseas relevant industry association¡¯s official websites and medias. 4. In order to improve the influence, we bublish catalogue and other propaganda material, which is freely sent to professional visitors, relevant agencies and government administration. 5. Directly send invitation to internal&external manufactures, science & research institutions, commerce enterprises and relevant units. 6. Opening Caremony in May 7th, 2012, party and national leaders, relevant ministry leaders, domestic & overseas exhibitors, principals of relevant units and supporting units, related media journalists will be invited here to open the curtain. Propaganda Medias: CCTV, Phoenix TV, Sina net, Sohu net, Xinhua net, Huicong net, China Disaster Reduction net, China Safety Production net, China Rescue net, Projecton Times net, China Security net, China Security Exhibition net, Emergency Equipment net, Gobetter Milirary net, China Rescue net, China News¡¯s special issues of Disaster Prevention and Reduction, Disaster Prevention Brief and China Disaster Reduction, China Safety net, China Safety Production net, China Labor Protection net, Alibaba net and other hundreds of influencial websits & publications. Invitation of visitors as follows: Central and all levels of reserve units of rescue materal. Related professional agencies and procurement agenycies in China. Related ministry member units of the State Committee for Disaster Reduction and attached provincial, regional and urban admininstrations. Remote sensing center, information center, mapping center, detection center and monitoring center and others in all fields. Internationl emergency rescue center of Ministry of Health, mergency rescue promotion center of Ministry of Civil Affairs, Emergency search & rescue center of China earthquake, regions¡¯ emergency rescue bases, etc. Large enterprises and science & research institutions of petrochemical, earthquake exploration, traffic & transportation, mining and metallurgy, and other high-danger industries. Provincial & urban¡¯s related S&R institutions, professional institutes and professional technicians. Army, supervisor, public security, safety, environment protection departments, etc. Famous manufactures, vendors and users are invited throughout overseas Chinese agencies, overseas agencies in China, overseas support and organizers, etc. Disaster defense associations, relevant research, consulting agencies from Japan, South Korea, USA, Canada, Europe countries, Taiwan, Hongkong and other countries & regions. Varous of professional medias related to disaster reduction, emergency and production safety. Various of large insurance companies, to supply disaster reduction and emergency products for clients. Contacts: Organization Committee of China Internationl Disaster Reduction and Emergency Technology&Equipment Expo, 2012. Business Director: Xu Wei Cellphone: 86 +0 13910818429 Fax: 86+010-8329 4738 QQ£º215216376 E-mail: Website: Add: Room 101, Unit 5, No.15 building, District 2, Dabeiyao North Road, Fengtai District, Beijing City, China Post code: 100166

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