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China Boiler Exhibition--2015 China Energy Saving Boiler Exhibition
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Name:  2015 ChinaInternational Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Boiler Exhibition

Date:   16th April - 18th April 2015


Exhibition Area:   15,000 square meters

Exhibition Range:  Industrial boiler, Power boiler, Heating boiler and Related Accessories

Exhibition Theme: Response to the call of low carbon emission, Focus on reducing boiler pollution, Promote environmental protection boiler popularity


First, Strong governmental support to us

Support by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic ofChinaand National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Initiated by China Low Carbon Industry Association, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, Beijing Municipal Heating Association, China Association of Urban Heating, Tianjin Heating Association, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association-Industrial Boiler Branch, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute, Beijing Heating Boiler and Heating Energy Conservation Center, Qingdao Heating Association and other 3 organizations are invited.

The Beijing Wanglv Exhibition co., LTD. and Asti Group Exhibition Company, Beijing Blue Sky Low Carbon andEnvironmentalConsultingCenter, is hired as Brand Consultant. China Boiler Exhibition is a sales platform which has large scale industry wide coverage, high specification, professional, deep impact and good effect for display and promotion.

Second, Pressing the Policy of Market Power

With the industrial structure adjustment of large and medium-sized cities, old district redevelopment as well as implementation to ban the use of coal in the city center and the policy of pushing such as the regional central heating, co-generation, and other energy conservation and emission reduction such as; replacement of medium and small coal-fired boilers by large capacity, high performance, high efficiency and low emissions boilers; decreasing the number of 10 t/h small capacity coal-fired industrial boilers year after year by replacing them with fuel oil (gas) boiler, electric boiler and other clean product on the one hand and central heating on the other hand.

To earnestly implement the Major strategic deployment to speed up the construction of eco - friendly civilization which was adopted during the 18th CPC National Congress, in-depth implementation of the "twelfth five-year Energy saving and emissions reduction" plan, " twelfth five-year energy conservation and environmental protection industry development plan "and the state council ˇ°Opinions about speeding up the development of energy saving and environmental protection industryˇ±, Cultivating and developing green industry, promoting the construction of ecolo - friendly civilization, more than ten organizations will participate in the fifth China International Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Boiler Exhibition during 16th April and 18th April next year.

The exhibition will once again become a famous event in the field of boiler technology at home and abroad, attract more and more best-known energy conservation and environmental protection boiler enterprises from all of the word to enter the Chinese market, and strengthen the cooperation with Chinese enterprises, and jointly promote the development of green industry.

Third, Successful experience

Beijing boiler, which was started in 2009, is the most influential low carbon energy conservation and environmental protection boiler exhibition inChina. In the recent 6 years, we won support from numerous industry associations, organizations and enterprises, it has helped 1982 exhibitors show nearly 6,000 kinds of new technology and new products, received nearly 120,000 man-hour professional audiences from 26 countries and provinces, help exhibitors to get more than 200 million contract orders, at the same time we hold 7 times industry peak BBS and technical seminars, successfully docking nearly one thousand projects. Exhibition space in 2014 reached 15000 square meters, nearly 500 exhibitors, rich products and three academic seminars attracted more than 38300 visitors from all over the world,.

Four, Best value added services system

In order to offer a full range of follow-up service to Exhibitors, foster enterprise fast-growing, all the exhibitors could attend the following activities for free:

l         China Blue Sky Low Carbon Environmental Protection Investment Conference 2015 (hereinafter referred to as Blue Cast Assembly)
Time: 10th July - 11th July , 2015
Location: Beijing Wendu Shuicheng
Given: normal attendance seats: 1 (value: $2000)
     300 characters Expo publication to introduce enterprise:

      (1500 yuan)

l         2015 Chinese Environmental Boiler New Technology Seminar
Time: the 5th - 6th September 2015
Location: Beijing Wendu Shuicheng
Given: normal attendance seats: 1 (value: $2000)
       Expo puplication enterprise is introduced: 300 characters (1500 yuan)

Five, Outstanding Advantages

In 2015, we invited two companies fromRussiaandSouth Koreato recruit exhibitors and buyers from aboard, they have: 98 standard booths (9 square meters); 101 luxurious booth (18 square meters); 39 landing booths (above 36 square meters ).

Support media: environmental times capital construction, The People's Daily Beijing, xinhua finance business Xinhua news agency,Chinascience and technology

On-site interview: CCTV13, Guangdong TV, Southern TV, Shandong TV station, etc. 26 magazine media and more than 78 Network media.

Display range

l         Boiler: Power plant boiler |Industrial boiler |Home boiler | Waste heat boiler |Organic carrier | Hot blast stove boiler|Garbage incinerator |Fuel oil (gas) boiler |Coal-fired boiler |Coal-water slurry boiler |Producer gas generator |Biomass boiler |Cb || circulating fluidized bed boiler | Steam boiler |Hot water boiler |Electric boiler |Solar boiler.

l         Boiler and System Control Devices: Control equipment | boiler system | Photoelectric switch | liquid level switch |Electricity (gas) ball valve | industrial LCD monitor| Oil gun |Oil and gas furnace control | coal-fired furnace control device| electric heating furnace control device |Organic heat carrier furnace control device Etc.

l         Burners and Accessories: High energy ignition |Burner |Oil pump |PLC |Ignition transformer |Fan |Ignition electrode |Flame sensor |Nozzle |Electromagnetic valve |Filter |Flame sensor |Servo motor, Etc.

l         Water Treatment Equipment: Reverse osmosis pure water equipment |Activated carbon filtration equipment |Industrial circulating water filter equipment |Integration of water softener |Oxygen equipment |Purification equipment |Softening equipment |Desalination equipment |Dosing equipment, Etc.

l         Grate and grate speed regulating device: Intermediate annealing |Boiler grate reducer |The chain | heat conduction oil furnace| Variable speed unit, etc.

l         Boiler pump and system: Air-cooled heat pump |Hot oil pump |Heat conduction oil furnace pump |Hot oil circulation pump |Circulating water pump |Carrier pump |Centrifugal pump |Feed water pump |Heat pump, Etc.

l         Boiler valve: Diffusion filter |Automatic exhaust valve | imports Pneumatic membrane cut-off valve |Self-reliance type electric temperature regulator |By the end of valve |Check valve |Throttle valve |Regulator |Pressure reducing valve, etc.

l         Boiler auxiliaries and accessories: Bimetallic type steam trap (hydrophobic) |Double slide injection molding machine |Single board | injection molding Heat exchanger |Economizer |Air preheater |Fly ash, etc

l         Boiler fan: Blower |Induced draft fan |Secondary fan, etc

l         Boiler dust environmental protection equipment: Cyclone |Water film dust catcher |Electrostatic dusting |Cloth bag dust catcher |The desulfurization equipment etc.

l         Boiler heating system equipment: Heat conduction oil pump |Heat exchanger |Air source heat pump |Heat recovery unit |Points cylinder |Heat exchanger |The radiator |Re generator , etc

l         Instrument and equipment used for testing and inspection

l         Boiler manufacturing with raw and auxiliary materials

l         Boiler manufacturing process equipment

Additional Events

l         China environmental protection boiler well-known enterprises/well-knownChinaenvironmental protection boiler product awards

How to participate

A booth:  To contact the organizing committee staff for booth reservation;

Standard booth: RMB 10800 / plush booths: RMB 20000 / indoor land to: 1200 yuan/square meters


1, Contact the organizing committee staff, choose the booth and ask for the application form

2, Fill out the application form and send by fax to the organizing committee signed and sealed

3, After reviewing the organizing committee will issue approval for the application

4, Effect the relevant payment

5, Prepare to meet the required materials

B sponsorship: website sponsored register or contact the organizing committee staff for detailed materials;

C custom: contact the organizing committee staff, provide your company needs a single, custom plan issued by the organizing committee of planning;

D advertising: website register or contact the organizing committee staff for detailed material, specific include: exhibition hall, catalogue, website advertising;

E Awards:

F Own conference during the exhibition: contact the organizing committee staff, make request, specific include: communication, seminar, thanks will, conferences, banquets and other activities, the organizing committee will provide: guest resources, audience resources, media resources, etc.).

China Energy Conservation and Environmental protection Boiler Exhibition Secretariat (Beijing)

Contact address: changping district government youth entrepreneurship building B - 3 a08-3 a19
Contact phone: 010-57027760
Contact phone: 13261911505
Contact fax: 010-52214567-7

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